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This is the story of Rosalba, a woman fond of cooking who loves old traditional recipes and usually puts the intensely flavoured products from her island – such as capers, cherry tomatoes, and cirtus fruits – into glass jars she then gives to friends and relatives as presents.

These small family portions have always been greatly appreciated.

This is the story of Battista who – on a September evening, when the north wind was bringing an intense smell of wet soil – told his wife Rosalba and his sons, Giancarlo and Cristian, that he was dreaming to follow the footsteps of his great-great grandfather, who had built the dry-stone walls fencing their land into terraces cultivated with vines and caper bushes and would have liked to sell their agricultural products off the island.

This is the story of the talented brothers Giancarlo and Cristian, who share a passion for cooking and are both training abroad – both in France and the UK – to become professional chefs and come back to Pantelleria to make the dream of their family come true.

This is our story and we’ve called it KONZA KIFFI.

The name KONZA KIFFI comes from local dialect and means “seasoning tastefully” (“konza” comes from “kunzare”, which means “seasoning”, and “kiffi” refers to “the sense of taste”)

You will be welcome to taste our high-quality products and see all the love there is in what we do.

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Giancarlo Lo Pinto
Cristian Lo Pinto
La Mamma…
Chiaiesi Rosalba
Il Papà
Battista Lo Pinto
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